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Application of sewage heat pump technology to Miyun Sewage Plant

Abstract: Miyun County, Tan Zhou Sewage Treatment Works project to introduce the Nordic heat pump advanced technology and equipment, use of untreated urban sewage as a source of water source heat pump technology, has a low energy water through the heat exchanger and heat pump into a high energy for heating, cooling, domestic hot water supply.

Keywords: Heat pump water economy Abstract: The sewageheatpump project of Miyunsewageplant, introduced the Northern Europe advanced technology andequipment.Adopting the municipal sewage without any treatment asheatsource and heatsinkis the innovative technic that can transferthe lowtemperature energy of sewagewater to hightemperature energythrough heatpump system for heating, airconditioning and hotwatersupply.

Keyword: sewage heatexchange heat pump economical efficiency

I. Project Description: Miyun County, Tan Zhou sewage treatment plant is located in the beautiful Chaobai River, is the only water in Miyun county focus point undertake daily Miyun county near 24000m3 of sewage disposal. Effluent quality and stability, year-round temperature of 13oC-15oC. About 10000m2 factory buildings (offices, factories, garages, etc.), use of untreated urban sewage plant for the heat source for heating and some cooling (only the building needs cooling), and also for domestic hot water use. It is time to water heating for the heat to water in the cooling time for the heat exchange. As the supply of adequate sewage treatment plant effluent, emissions of heat extraction and to meet the heating and cooling needs.

The project is sewage treatment plant in Miyun County, Tan Zhou original coal-fired boiler room renovation project. The original coal-fired boilers cause some air pollution each year, to meet the needs of environmental protection in Beijing, decided to transform this heating system, no longer use coal, so using both heating and cooling water can source heat pump system. Sewage treatment plant is divided into two parts, is the transformation of office buildings, the other is the transformation of plant equipment, the installation of office to be able to heat the fan coil cooling system, factory installed equipment is a better heat dissipation Steel string-type radiator.

2, system theory and design Winter, water temperature is about 12-15 through the heat exchanger after the exhaust temperature is about 7-10 , the system extracts heat from sewage water source heat pump unit as a low-temperature heat source into the heat pump evaporator, heat pump condensing submerged as a circulating water heating systems, supply and return water temperature is 50-45 . In summer, water temperature is about 14-18 after heat exchanger discharge temperature after the 19-23 , the sewage system, the heat away as the cooling water source heat pump unit when the cooling water, heat pump water as a cooling evaporator system of circulating water, supply and return water temperature is 7-12 . The heat pump with heat recovery function to run in the winter and summer conditions, while ensuring the supply of hot water.

User side through the sub-catchment water supply device for each floor of each monomer. System in winter and summer conditions of the conversion system in the station house by switching the valve to achieve.

System design: 1, heating and air conditioning design parameters:

Winter outdoor air temperature for -12

Winter indoor design temperature 18-24 Outdoor air temperature for the summer: 33.2 ; wet bulb temperature: 27.3

Summer design temperature 22-26 room air conditioning

2, load calculation: Estimate the complex building heating index was 60w/m2

Total design heating and cooling an area of 10000m2, the actual heating area of 6000m2

The total design heating load is:

10000 60w = 600kw To 70% of the total building cooling load required to calculate cooling to 80w/m2

7000 80w = 560kw
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Sewage Pump At The Sewage Treatment Plant - Sewage Pump, Sewage Treatment Plants, Economy - Hvac

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