Frequently asked Questions about Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps are very common in countries with cold climates and weather. In the United States of America, a geothermal heat pump is very common and in fact, in many homes, it is the most utilized form of heat source. With gas prices climbing steadily in many countries, the best option that you can have for heating is have a cost efficient and highly renewable energy source involved with the heating process. To help you know more about heat pumps, here are a few of the information that might be hovering in your mind about them.

First of all, how am I supposed to know that my heat pump is in need of repairs or replacement?  First of all, you will know of any problems as soon as you heat pump is no longer able to provide you with enough heating or will no longer be able to provide cool air as much as before. It might be best to let a professional handle this so your piping system as well as the components of your heat pump can be assessed properly.  A replacement is required when fixing it may no longer be cost efficient. Usually after ten years of use, the heat pump will start to deteriorate.

The next question is what should you do next when you feel like your heat pump is no longer giving you much needed comfort?  Keep in mind that most of the time, even if the heat pump is actually working normally, people often complain that it is not.  Instead of opting right away for a quick product replacement, keep in mind that the ductwork and piping are specifically made for the exact size of your installed unit and changing the size of you heat pump will also mean that you will have to change the ductwork and piping as well. Usually the problem lies with how your unit was installed and the workmanship that was done by the professionals; a proper installment guarantees a great result, which is why I often suggest that professionals do the installment rather than inexperienced people.

Can I fix my own heat pump? Or can I myself, do the repairs on my unit that is broken? Actually the answer is no, for most of the time. This is because the installation of the heat pump is very tedious and the repairs will probably require a lot of effort as well. It might be best if you do not start tinkering with any of the pipes, you might get scalded and injured in the process. If you are a plumber however, you might want to ask the help of other men and not do the job on your own. Federal laws also cover these devices and they should be installed according to regulations. Not to mention that they usually run of high voltage and the danger of electrocution is very real. Look for the nearest professional heat pump installer in your area.


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Frequently asked Questions about Heat Pumps

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This article was published on 2010/12/09